AB-IX Air-Britain Information Exchange

Electronic Air-Britain

How to join AB-IX

Send a blank email to ab-ix-subscribe@yahoogroups.com This is for Air-Britain Members ONLY.

Sean Meagher will check against the membership database and approve or not as the case amy be. This check may need an e-mail to them to confirm the real ID if it is an e-mail address that does not show a clear name.

Once this is approved Sean will also add the e-mail address to those acceptable to the bases DB. AB-IX is a mailing list for research and queries that are NOT about recent sightings (or requests for something seen in the last month) - for recent sightings you want AB-Sightings mailing list

If you are a member and have not joined AB-IX join now - you don't have to receive the e-mails - choose "read on the web" instead.