Aeromilitaria is Air-Britain's Military Aviation Historical Quarterly, first published in 1975. It was established to dig deeper into the background of military aviation than was possible in commercial publication aimed at a more generalised readership. It provided detailed notes on, mainly, British and Commonwealth military types, providing data on the use and fates of each individual aircraft. These evolved into the Air-Britain series on Royal Air Force Aircraft, and also into the 'File' series of books.

As all RAF aircraft between J1 and XZ999 have been published in the series of registers listed under 'Military Books', Aeromilitaria now concentrates on background information emerging from, mainly, files at the Public Record Office and Ministry of Defence. The layout has been designed so that articles and tables can be extracted intact for filing in whatever way the reader finds most convenient.

Current editor is Chris Gibson. The editorial address until further notice is 3, Ballston Close, Fatfield, Washington, Tyne and Wear   NE38 8LT.

Crash Sites in the United Kingdom during World War Two lists in chronological order the aircraft, of whatever nationality, that are known to have crashed on land in the UK. It is hoped that readers may be able to add to the detail from local sources or memories of the event.

Feedback is devoted to reader's additions to items that have appeared in past issues and provides a valuable forum for information that might otherwise be lost.

Bookshelf covers recent publications on military and naval aviation, which are considered to be useful to our readers.

Index of Aeromilitaria 1975 to December 2016

Changes for 2018

From the Spring 2018 issue the three quarterly magazines will be amalgamated under the Aviation World title. Subscribers to Aeromilitaria and Archive will continue to enjoy the same articles and features they have received in the past, managed by the same editors - but within the new 72 page Aviation News magazine.

The regular listing features of Aeromilitaria and Archive, including such as Crash Sites, Overseas Complete Registers will be published in a new Aviation Archives section of the updated Air-Britain website. By making this material available electronically, it is hoped that its improved accessibility will allow members to analyse the raw data and generate articles or conduct further research than is currently possible with the hard copy lists.


Back issues

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