Archive is Air-Britain's Civil Aviation Historical Quarterly, first published in 1980. It was conceived as an outlet for information which might otherwise not be published in the mass-interest aviation press. The four main aims were:

  • To present complete historical civil registers from around the world.
  • To publish production lists containing detailed type histories.
  • To provide a forum for original and previously unpublished research.
  • To act as a data sharing and exchange medium.

"Archive" has never claimed to publish the last word on a topic, but by making information available it does hope to add to the total sum of knowledge! This is why the Feedback section is such an integral part of the magazine's approach.

Major topics covered by Archive in the past have included Pre-War UK registers, Impressments, Flying Clubs, The Dornier Wal, Fokker F.VII, Beech 17, Frati designs, Bolkow lightplanes, Sikorsky flying boats, Thai airlines, early airfields and many more.

A complete index is available by e-mail on request to the Editor or may be viewed on the ab-ix files website.

Changes for 2018

From the Spring 2018 issue the three quarterly magazines will be amalgamated under the Aviation World title. Subscribers to Aeromilitaria and Archive will continue to enjoy the same articles and features they have received in the past, managed by the same editors – but within the new 72 page Aviation News magazine.

The regular listing features of Aeromilitaria and Archive, including such as Crash Sites, Overseas Complete Registers will be published in a new Aviation Archives section of the updated Air-Britain website. By making this material available electronically, it is hoped that its improved accessibility will allow members to analyse the raw data and generate articles or conduct further research than is currently possible with the hard copy lists.


Back issues

Subject to availability, Air-Britain members can buy back-copies from the sales department. Single copies available at £6.50 (UK) from Mike or save by subscribing